4G iPad release date 4G iPad release date

The 4G iPad (review here) release date is as elusive as it is eagerly anticipated. The iPad 4 with Retina display has been announced and is available to buy already, separately a 4G cellular contract is available to buy in the UK, but oddly the 4G iPad realise date has still not been officially confirmed, here is where we investigate when it is likely to become available.

Apple scored a bit of an own goal with its last attempt to sell a 4G iPad in the UK. Initially Apple advertised and sold the 'New iPad' (also referred to as the iPad 3) as a 4G device in the UK. The problem was that the 4G LTE frequencies the New iPad supported were not the frequencies that the UK and many other countries had set allocated for the 4G signal, but now just a few months after the launch of the New iPad, Apple has released the iPad 4 with Retina display that this works with the UK's 4G spectrum. See 4G iPad mini UK release date

Despite all of this, the actual 4G iPad release date in the UK still remains a bit of a mystery with neither EE or Apple officially announcing it yet. That said, several technology websites are reporting that the 4G iPad's release date will be in the "coming weeks".

These predictions first started appearing on technology sites on 25 October, bearing that in mind the phrase "[the] coming weeks" would suggest that the 4G iPad release date will be within a month. If these rumours prove true it would be feasible to expect a 4G iPad with Retina display to be on the shelves by 25 November at the latest and perhaps sooner. See also: Group test: what's the best tablet PC?

This report is backed up by the news that customers who preordered 4G-enabled iPads have recently started receiving emails informing them that their 4G tablets will be shipping within five-days.

One final factor that adds weight to the "late November" 4G iPad release date is the fact that the Apple Store is advertising the iPad mini being available from "late November". As we all know from Apple's launch events, the Californian technology company is very fond of releasing multiple products at the same time. Therefore the iPad mini going on sale the same day as the 4G iPad Mini and 4G iPad with Retina display becomes available, starts to look like a very marketable Apple release to us.