Apple's iPad mini 3 was unveiled by Apple on 16 October, but it has caused a bit of a stir among the tech industry, and not for good reason. Here are three (big) reasons we think you shouldn't buy an iPad mini 3.

1. Touch ID is not worth £80

You'd think that the iPad mini 3 would be a better tablet than the iPad mini 2, wouldn't you. You'd be correct, but what you probably wouldn't realise immediately is that all that makes it better is the presence of a Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the home button and the addition of a gold colour option, which is certainly not going to appeal to everyone.

So how much is that Touch ID fingerprint sensor going to cost you? £80, it seems, as Apple is still offering the iPad mini 2 at a lower price.

Touch ID is a great feature for added security and time-saving, but is it really worth £80? We don't think so.

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Why you shouldn't buy an iPad mini 3

2. It'll be out of date quicker than iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 Plus

The lack of new features means that the iPad mini 2 is effectively a year-old tablet with a small make-over. It still has the A7 processor, rather than the new A8 and A8X processors found in the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 respectively, which means when Apple comes to release a new operating system next year the iPad mini 3 will miss out on the same features as the iPad mini 2, and it's quite possible that it'll be completely unsupported with 2016's iOS update.

3. You could save more than £80 by buying refurbished

You might notice that the iPad mini 2 is only available in 16GB and 32GB capacities, and for some that might not be enough. There's no microSD card in the iPad mini 2 (or 3) either, so you won't be able to expand the storage later.

However, at time of writing, you can purchase 64GB and 128GB iPad mini 2 models from the Apple Refurbished Store, and as they're refurbished they offer even more savings. For example, a 64GB WiFi + Cellular iPad mini 2 is available for £359 from the Refurbished Store. The equivalent iPad mini 3 will cost you £499 from the Apple Store so you're saving £140. To find out more about buying a Refurbished iPad, see: Should I buy a refurbished iPad?

We're not saying that the iPad mini 3 is a bad tablet: it's not. But with the extremely similar iPad mini 2 still available to buy from Apple at a much lower price point and even cheaper options available in the Refurbished Store, buying an iPad mini 3 is not a good way to spend your money.

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