Along with a more intelligent Siri, new apps and a split-screen app views (if you have an iPad) there are plenty of reasons to be excited about upgrading to iOS 9 later this year. But Apple didn’t have time to talk about every last one of the new features at the WWDC keynote. See also: Android M vs iOS 9 comparison.

There are some great little tweaks which make the next version of iOS better than ever. See also: iOS 9 release date

1. Lower-case keyboard keys

A bugbear since iOS 7 has been that it’s not clear whether the shift key is pressed or not. But in iOS 9 the keyboard letters change between upper- and lower-case when you toggle the shift key. It’s great news for anyone switching from Android (see no. 5) that would otherwise miss this handy feature.

9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

2. Search for settings

It’s been a while coming but finally you can drag down in settings to reveal a search bar. We quite like the way Apple organises settings (it’s so much better than Windows Phone’s mess of settings) but now you can type to quickly find the setting you need without hunting through sub-menus.

9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

3. Six-digit passcodes

Apple talked about two-factor authentication to beef up iCloud security, but didn’t mention that there would be a six-digit passcode option in iOS 9. The security conscious will no doubt already be using a ‘proper’ password instead of a ‘simple’ passcode, but the move to six digits for devices with Touch ID means it will be much harder to hack since there are a million rather than the mere 10,000 combinations when using four numerals.

4. iCloud Drive app

With so many people used to being able to get at their files via the Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud storage app, it seemed counter-intuitive to not have an iCloud Drive app. That changes in iOS 9. With the iCloud Drive app, you’ll be able to see all your online stuff in one place.

5. Easier to defect from Android

Apple will launch a Move to iOS app for Android users to make it much easier to switch to an iPhone or iPad. As well as transferring your contacts, messages, photos, videos, email and other stuff to your iOS 9 device wirelessly, it will also beam over your wallpaper, music and even give you a list of free apps to install which you had on your old device and add any paid ones to your iTunes Wish List.

9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

6. Back to previous app

The revamped search will suggest apps, videos and much more than before. But the nice thing is that you can return to the list of results even if you dive off into another app thanks to a ‘Back to search link’ which remains at the top of the screen. The 'Back to' feature works throughout iOS 9, so if you tap a link in Facebook to view a web page, or tap a YouTube link from Safari, you'll be able to go back to the previous app much more easily.

 9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

7. Add attachments to emails

It’s already possible to add a photo or video to an email by long-pressing in the body and choosing ‘Insert Photo or Video’. iOS 9 includes a new option: Add Attachment. This lets you attach files from your iCloud Drive storage.

9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

8. Use the iPhone slide switch to lock rotation

It’s been on the iPad for ages, but never an option on the iPhone. iOS 9 adds the option to use the slide switch to lock rotation instead of being only a mute switch.

9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

9. News in search

A minor feature, granted, but search will show news stories as well as contacts, nearby places and videos.

9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

10. Location information for incoming calls

Below the phone number of an incoming call, iOS 9 will display location information (linked to the area code) when available.

9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

11. Junk messages

If you get a message from someone not in your contacts list, iOS 9 will offer a link to report it as spam. See also: How to downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8.

9 iOS 9 features you didn't know existed

12. Change the resolution and frame rate of videos and slo-mo (if available)

In iOS 8, there was the option on certain devices to choose to record video at 60fps instead of the default of 30. (It's under Settings > Photos and Camera, in case you're wondering). In iOS 9 - on compatible devices - you now get the option to choose betweeen 720p and 1080p video recording, and to record slo-mo at 120- or 240fps. The new options are aimed at saving storage space.

12 features you didn't know about in iOS 9