best iwatch apps

The Apple Watch went on sale today, so we've taken a look at the best apps which will be available for the iPhone maker's first wearable. For Apple Watch rivals, take a look at our round-up of the best smartwatches of 2015.

Apple's device, also known as the iWatch, comes with a host of built-in apps – Messages, Mail, Phone, Calendar, Activity, Workout, Maps, Passbook, Siri, Music, Camera Remote, Remote, Weather, Stocks, Photos, Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, World Clock and Settings. However, we've taken a look at some of the best third party apps which will be available to download from the App Store from day one. Read more about the Apple Watch specs, features and apps.

Best iWatch apps: 10 Apple Watch apps we're excited about


Micro-bloggers delight because, as Apple says, '140 characters fits nicely on your wrist'. That's right, your Twitter feed will appear on your Apple Watch and you can be notified when tweets are posted, favourite, retweet and compose a new tweet with dictation.

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The Evernote app for the Apple Watch will mean you can quickly dictate a note, view recent notes and set reminders. You can also find notes made near you and see content related to an upcoming meeting.

best iwatch apps


Instagram fans will love the Apple Watch app which will provide your usual feed of photos to your wrist. You can browse, favourite snaps and leave comments – with emojis if you like. You'll also get notifications so you don't have to get your iPhone out.


Getting lost should be a thing of the past thanks to the CityMapper app for Apple Watch. Based on your location, it will show you the fastest route to your destination giving step-by-step directions. You'll never miss your stop again either, as it will give you a nudge when you've arrived.


There'll be no more missing that auction you're watching a desperate to snipe with the eBay app. It will send outbid notices and other notifications directly to you.


Ever missed out of finding what a song you're listening to is? Well the Shazam app will make sure your iPhone starts listening much quicker by simply tapping the icon. The Apple Watch will then display the details and you can even use it for karaoke as lyrics will scroll along to the music.

best iwatch apps


You still need to take your iPhone with you (perhaps the second generation Apple Watch will solve this problem) but the Runtastic app will display information such as speed, distance, duration, pace and calories burned which would be otherwise difficult to check.


Sports enthusiasts will have to download the ESPN app to keep up with all the scores and breaking news – no matter which sport you're into or which team you follow.

Sky Guide

Sky Guide is one for those of you into astronomy (or want to try it out). The app will give you a calendar of events so you know when to look up. Notifications will also alert you to event just before they happen based on your location.

Dark Sky

We all hate getting caught in the rain so Dark Sky will give you a much better chance of avoiding ending up a soggy mess. You can see a 24-hour timeline of weather and the chances of rain occurring in your location up to an hour in advance.

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