If your Mac’s hard drive is full to bursting, you’ll want to take steps to trim the fat. One way might be to remove unused applications from your hard drive, and if you’re able to find unwanted apps, use a free tool like AppCleaner to remove more than just the application folder itself.

But what if you don’t find any apps you no longer need? Or after removing them you’re still a little short of space? The good news is that it’s possible to streamline the apps that are left on your machine so they take up less space – and all without sacrificing a single feature.

It’s technically possible to slim down apps in two ways: first, by removing unnecessary code (such as those found in universal binaries for compatibility with older machines), and second by stripping out unused language files. A combination of these techniques can easily cut an application’s size in half (or more, in the case of Garageband for example).

The only problem is, doing this by hand is difficult if not impossible. Thankfully, this is where Xslimmer comes in, doing all the hard work for you. Once launched, either drag individual apps on to the program window or click the Genie button and let Xslimmer scan all of the apps installed on your Mac.

Once its findings are reported, you’ll be able to instantly see how much space you can free up – hundreds of megabytes in most cases. And Xslimmer is savvy enough to know which apps it can’t or shouldn’t touch, marking them as blacklisted. Everything else, however, is fair game. Should you run into problems later, you should remove and reinstall the app.

This demo version allows you to clean up to 50MB of space from your drive before requiring registration – but at $15, at least taking a broom to your hard drive won’t break the bank.


If you want to clear out space from your hard drive without removing any applications, then give Xslimmer a whirl.