When Windows introduced file indexing, it revolutionised the way we search our hard drives, but it’s not comprehensive and unless you keep your files in specific folders (or spend ages adding new locations to the Windows file index) then finding files can still be an arduous task.

WizFile provides you with a straightforward – and fast – means of searching your hard drive by filename. It’s much quicker than Windows – in fact, it’s virtually instantaneous thanks to the fact it reads the information it needs from the Master File Table on NTFS-formatted hard drives.

There’s support for multiple search terms – separate AND-type searches with a space, or use the vertical pipe (|) to denote an OR search. Enclose terms with spaces in double quotes.

There’s also support for wildcards (specifically * and ?), and user-defined filetype filters – for example to restrict searches to specific file types or families (several presets are provided, including audio, video, compressed and document).

You can combine these to create quite complex searches – for example '*.png|*.jpg butterfly' will match all PNG and JPG image files containing the word "butterfly" in their name.

You can also match the entire path, but most will use it for quick matches by filename. The program is incredibly simple to use and the only thing missing is perhaps a built-in preview for certain types of file.

What’s new in version 2:
+ Support for non-NTFS hard drives.
+ Add individual folders or network shares to the search.
+ User-defined filters now supported.
+ Double-click a path to open it in File Explorer, or hold Alt while double-clicking to open it in a command window.
+ New 'Monitor folder changes' option.
+ High DPI support.
+ Performance improvements – both faster searches and reduced CPU usage.


A lightning quick and easy way to widen simple filename-based searches to your entire PC.