When it comes to launching programs, there are various options built directly into Windows. The Start menu is the obvious first choice, but over time this can become cluttered and difficult to manage as more and more software is installed. Shortcuts to frequently used applications can be added to the desktop, but again, clutter is a serious problem and the desktop is often hidden by open windows. Another option is to add shortcuts to the Quicklaunch bar as this is always visible, but limited space is a problem here.

WinExt offers an alternative means of accessing your favourite applications as well as Windows tools and folders. The toolbar can also be used to maintain a list of your most frequently visited web sites so they can be accessed from any program without the need to switch to a web browser first. A note taking facility is available for writing quick memos, and WinExt also provides the option of monitoring system resources. The InfoBar can be used to display information about the amount of free memory that is available, hard drive free space and processor usage.

With easy access to system folders and support for keyboard shortcut, WinExt helps to speed up the process of working with your computer. The program is highly customisable through the use of themes and will quickly become one of those essential utilities that you simply cannot live without.


A handy, customisable launcher which has more to offer than other similar tools.