WeatherDan is a simple desktop weather monitor which allows you to track current conditions for any US ZIP code.

A single click on the program's system tray icon displays a summary for the current ZIP code (3345/8 Jupiter, FL by default). Details include temperature, "feels like", wind, humidity, pressure, dew point, visibility, UV index.

This popup doesn't disappear after a few seconds, or when you move your mouse away, and this seemed convenient to us: you can leave it there, and the summary remains on top of other windows.

But if you don't need it any more, no problem - one click on the summary and it disappears.

Right-click the WeatherDan system tray icon and you'll find options to set your own ZIP code, how often the program should retrieve weather conditions (never to every 60 minutes, 10 minutes by default), and whether you'd like 300 or 600 mile radar coverage.

A right-click "Show Radar" option displays the current weather map, and will also animate this once it's downloaded enough updates (it won't happen right away).

There are also shortcuts to open at your defined ZIP code, or launch the WeatherDan home page.

- Updated to correctly obtain data from source


WeatherDan is one of the more basic weather monitors: it's US-only, supports just one location, and has no configuration options beyond the ZIP code. But the program is also lightweight, easy to use and entirely free, so if you don't need the bulk and complexity of the competition then it might be interesting.