Google+ can be accessed using a variety of internet enabled devices from desktop computers to mobile phones. The service can be used by visiting the web site or by using a dedicated app, but in either case you have to make an explicit decision to break off from what you are doing and interact with the service in one way or another.

Tab for Google+ is a Mac app that makes it easier than ever to make use of Google+. Rather than requiring you to fire up your web browser or launch a dedicated app, Tab for Google+ is always available in the menu bar so you can easily keep up to date with all of the latest posts as well as sharing your own.

The menu bar icon provides at-a-glance information about the number of notifications associated with your account, and clicking this icon reveals a pop up menu that includes additional details. But while the idea behind the app is a good one, the software itself it slight flawed.

Links that are posted in your stream are not converted into clickable links - a strange oversight - and this free app is blighted with advertisements. Although this is understandable to some extent, it is also rather annoying and make Tab for Google+ irksome to use.


Irritating advertisements and a few minor quirks spoil what has the potential to be a useful application.