SYS Informer is a simple system information tool that will give you a basic report on most aspects of your PC.

The Computer section provides details on your BIOS, CPU, hard drives, network, ports, graphics card and USB devices, for instance. These don't provide anything like as much information as a dedicated hardware information tool, like HWInfo, but are fine if you're just looking for basic information like your BIOS date or video adapter model.

The Operating System section includes generally more useful details, like your shares, installed fonts, file associations, environment variables and more. A simplified Event log is particularly useful, as it allows you to, say, display all your System log error messages in just a couple of clicks.

However, all too often the information is strictly "read only". So you can view an environment variable, or check where a system folder (like "Desktop") is located on your hard drive, but there's no way to edit this value.

Elsewhere the program provides a basic WMI class browser, which provides in-depth details on your memory, network, user accounts and so on.

And the System Manager section provides more details on your PCs software, including installed and startup programs, and running processes, services and drivers.

None of the modules here are what we would call powerful. If you're really interested in monitoring your running processes, for instance, we'd use Task Manager - it has many more features.

And SYS Informer appears to have a bug or two that resulted in a few unexpected error messages (nothing critical, though, and it is only version 1.0 so they'll probably be fixed soon).

Still, the program does a good job of collecting a wide range of data together in one place. And while it's a little basic, SYS Informer is also easy to use, and won't allow you to trash your PC by, say, deleting a boot driver. So if you're looking for safety, rather than power, then it just might be worth a look.


It's lacking in features, and has a bug or two, but SYS Informer is also easy to use and includes some genuinely interesting ideas. If you're intimidated by more complex system information tools then this could be a welcome alternative