Simple Disable Key is a free tool for disabling particular keys or key combinations (Ctrl+Alt+G etc).

Specifying a key is easy. Click in a box, press the key or key combination, and press Add Key > OK > OK. We tried to disable Ctrl+F in Microsoft Word and it worked immediately.

You're able to fine-tune the program's operations by disabling keys for a specific program only, or on a schedule (between two specified times on your preferred days of the week).

If this causes any problems, you're able to temporarily enable all keys by right-clicking Simple Disable Key's system tray icon.

It's also possible to run the program automatically at Windows start. You're able to run it in a hidden Stealth Mode and add password protection, preventing others from easily undoing your settings.

PLEASE NOTE: the download will offer to install other software along with its own code. This is easy to avoid, but you need to read each screen carefully and click Decline, Skip or similar buttons as appropriate.

What's New in Version 3.0 :
New Feature : Set the state of Num Lock key , Caps Lock key, Scroll Lock key and Insert key.


Whether you're annoyed with cAPS lOCK errors, or tired of hitting the Win key when you're playing games, Simple Disable Key is a good all-round solution. Check it out.