ScreenHunter Free is a simple screen capture and desktop recording application.

The program supports capturing rectangular areas or the full screen. If that seems a little basic, it's because the best features have been reserved for the commercial builds: capturing fixed areas, freehand shapes, auto-scrolling, applying custom captions or watermarks, running scheduled captures, or automatically capturing images at regular intervals (ie "every 20 seconds for 15 minutes").

The capture is automatically saved as an MP4 or your choice of image format (JPG, PNG, BMP or a single GIF-- not animated). You can optionally turn off image saving for screenshots and simply copy the capture to the clipboard.

The full commercial version also has an editor for immediate image tweaking, and can send captures to the printer or via email. These options aren't available in the Free build, but they are at least greyed out, so you're not constantly clicking something and being told "no, you can't do that".


ScreenHunter gives you the screen capture and desktop-recording basics, and is well implemented (a magnifier helps you precisely position your capture rectangle, for instance). The free build leaves out a lot of functionality, though, and there are more powerful freeware capture tools around.