PrintMyFonts is a free tool which makes it easier to view and share your fonts.

Launch the program and it immediately displays the words "Example Text" in each of your installed fonts. (You can change the words "Example Text" to whatever you like.)

PrintMyFonts can also display the fonts as contained in font files. Just point the program at a folder, or specific TTF/ OTF/ FON/ FNT/ FOT/ TTC/ MMM/ PFM files to see those as well.

You probably have hundreds of fonts on your system, but the program doesn't have to display them all. A Filter box allows filtering the list by keyword (Gothic), or you can manually select and delete anything you don't need.

As the name suggests, PrintMyFonts will print your font list on demand, but there are plenty of other export formats available: BMP, JPG, PNG, RTF and HTML.



A simple but effective font viewer with some unusual bonus features.