PDF to Image is a freeware tool which does exactly what its name suggests, extracting the pages from a PDF and converting them to images.

The program is designed as a wizard, making it very easy to use. You don't have to figure out the workflow because you're walked through every step: choose your files, settings and so on.

Welcome bonus features include support for reading password-protected ZIPs. Enter the password for your document and it'll be read like any other.

You're able to specify the page range to be converted using the regular Windows format. For example: 2, 5, 8-12.

There's a "Convert PDF graphics only" feature, which apparently should export graphics only. We expected this to act like a resource extractor, for example saving all the JPGs embedded in a PDF as separate files. Instead it produced the same page-sized image with the embedded picture, as usual, but left a blank space where the text used to be.

PDF to Image supports saving its pages as BMPs or JPGs (not PNG, unfortunately).

Work your way through the wizard, the program creates your required pages and optionally opens their folder for viewing.

You can repeat the process to convert as many files as you need. PDF to Image can store and reload common settings to speed up conversions, or a command line interface enables running automated conversions from your own scripts.


A straightforward and easy-to-use PDF page extractor. The lack of simple batch processing may be a problem, though, and the "Convert PDF graphics only" feature needs some work if it's going to be useful.