We’re all at it. We’re never satisfied with our installed software, so we’re always seeking alternatives. As a downloads site, we clearly encourage you to look at new and recommended software. Indeed, there’s always a developer looking to do something better, different and more exciting than rival software applications.

Problem is, if you install a lot of software, then remove the applications from your computer, this is almost certainly going to slow your machine after time. Many applications include an installer that works efficiently. Some include uninstallers that do not work so efficiently. This means that files are left on your machine, your Registry includes irrelevant information meaning your PC takes longer to process data and your computer will take longer to boot.

One solution is to run a virtual operating system. Indeed, by running a virtual operating system, you can also test a new and up-and-coming OS. A virtual operating system manager also enables you to run an alternative OS, such as Ubuntu, on top of your existing host operating system, such as Windows 7. A virtual manager is an excellent option for testing software. If you have an old redundant version of Windows XP lying around, put it to good use by installing it in a virtual environment, on top of your host Vista or even Windows 7.

Parallels Desktop is a virtual operating system manager for your PC that will enable you to run another copy of Windows on top of your existing OS, as well as or a Linux derivative. Indeed, there are no limits, so you can install and run multiple editions of Linux and Windows, if you have a fast PC and lots of memory.


Enables you to run a virtual operating system on your computer