Turning a Windows service on or off sounds easy, but to make it happen you must normally load the standard Services applet and scroll through perhaps 200-250 cryptically-named files to find the one you need.

My Windows Services Panel enables important services to be grouped in a separate panel, where they're easier to find, stop and restart.

Hit the program's Settings icon, the full services list is presented and you're able to select whatever you need.

Once that's done, launching My Windows Services Panel displays your selected services only, along with their state (Stopped or Running).

There's a single extra switch that you can use to toggle individual services on or off.

What you don't get, unfortunately, is any further integration with the regular services controls. Double-clicking a service won't open its properties, for instance, and there's no right-click menu, so you can't do anything advanced like change the service startup type. It's strictly stop/ start only.


My Windows Services Panel is just about as basic as any Windows services manager could be. It is easy to use, though, and if you regularly have to stop/ start specific services then it could save you a little time.