Muzei Live Wallpaper is an easy-to-use app which automatically updates your home screen every day with a fresh work of art.

If you don't like its choices, you can select images from your own gallery, or plug in a range of other sources via extensions or compatible apps.

The app does its best to stay out of your way, dimming and blurring the image to keep it firmly in the background.

If the blurriness goes a little too far, double-tapping the wallpaper (or launching the app) enables exploring your images in their full glory.


- Home screen widget with 'Next Artwork' action
- A 'Next Artwork' Activity is now available as a gesture for third party launchers such as Nova Launcher
- 'Next Artwork' Tasker plugin
- Fixes for corrupted images/black sections of images when using blurring
- Fixes excessive storage space used
- Fixes settings being ignored immediately after an upgrade to Android 7.0+


A top-quality app with a great range of images, and plenty of ways to use pictures from elsewhere.