MultiClipBoardSlots is a tiny tool which can effectively give your PC up to 10 clipboards.

Select text, images or other objects, and you're able to copy them to one of the clipboards by pressing Ctrl+<number key>, or paste from that clipboard with Alt+<number key> (the hotkeys can be reassigned).

This allows you to transfer multiple objects from one application to another without having to worry about the clipboard being overwritten, or having to switch between applications each time.

If you're copying text from a browser page, for instance, you no longer need to press Ctrl+C, Alt+Tab to a target application, Ctrl+V to paste, Alt+Tab to switch back. Just copy multiple chunks as required, and Alt+Tab to the target application when you've finished.

There are some settings you might want to tweak right away. By default the program only enables the first 5 clipboards, but you can turn the others on as required. The Copy and Paste operations both play a sound to let you know the program is working, but you can turn these off if you prefer.

Other options enable the program to run in the system tray, or hide entirely. But if you decide you don't need it, MultiClipBoardSlots can also be disabled or removed entirely in a click or two, returning your system to normal.


MultiClipBoardSlots is a lightweight and convenient tool which makes it much easier to transfer multiple items from one application to another. It doesn't have the power of a full-strength clipboard manager - you can't use it to view thumbnails or previews of the various clipboard slot contents, for instance, or process them in any way - but there's more than enough functionality here to be useful.