MComix is a configurable image viewer. It's optimised for comics, but can be handy in other situations, too.

Point the program at your target files or folders, or drag and drop them onto the MComix window, and image thumbnails appear in a left-hand sidebar. This works with the main image file types, as well as a range of container formats, including CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, LHA and PDF.

At a minimum, you could simply step from one image to the next, or click a thumbnail to jump there directly.

MComix offers multiple viewing modes to ensure each image/ page is displayed correctly. It can fit images by height, width, size, "best fit", optionally stretching small images to fill the screen, or leaving you to zoom in and out manually.

Calling up the "Magnifying Lens" displays a movable floating rectangle with a magnified view of anything underneath, handy for checking fine detail.

You're able to flip or rotate images, including setting up an "auto rotate" feature with your own rules: "when (height or width) exceeds (width or height), rotate 90 degrees (clockwise or counter-clockwise)."

An "Enhance image" option can tweak the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of every page. We've found this particularly useful when viewing PDFs of faded, very old documents and books.

You've able to switch from image-by-image viewing, to double-page, manga or full-screen reading.

A simple bookmark scheme saves the current page and file name for easy recall later.

There's also a basic library where you've able to organise your documents and return to recently-viewed files.


A likeable comic book reader, easy to use with some handy extras.