LoadedDLLsView is a simple tool which scans every running process on your PC and lists their loaded DLLs.

The report includes plenty of information for each DLL: its name, type (32/ 64-bit), product name and version, file description and version, company, path, file created/ modified times, file size and the total number of processes using that DLL.

Clicking any column header sorts the table by that field. Sorting by path, for instance, helps you spot DLLs running from unusual locations, maybe indicating a security issue.

Clicking any DLL displays the processes using that DLL in the lower pane. Again, you'll see all the core information about the process executable file, and a little data on the process itself (creation time, user, whether it's elevated).

A useful "Show only non-Microsoft DLLs" hides system files, making it easier to focus on what else you've installed.

Text or HTML reports of LoadedDLLView's findings can be saved in just a few clicks.


LoadedDLLsView provides an easy way to focus specifically on the DLLs loaded in your running process. It's not a program we'd use regularly, but could save a little time in some situations.