Are you just a little bit fed up with your Mac’s desktop? It’s well designed and works wonderfully, but it can still feel a little drab at times. There are ways of sprucing it up a little, but these tend to involve multiple tools and Terminal tweaks, which is enough to put anyone off who only wanted to inject a little a colour into their desktop in the first place.

Lion Designer brings a collection of customising tools into one place, allowing you to change various parts of OS X Lion’s interface from a single point-and-click interface. The left-hand side of the program interface concerns itself with changing various backgrounds, covering Mission Control, Dashboard, Launchpad (including its container icons), the Facetime ringtone and the login screen (plus its icon).

More settings can be found on the right: restore the colourful Finder Sidebar icons from the days of Snow Leopard, quickly show or hide desktop items, make the hidden user Library folder visible and tweak the animation settings for Launchpad and Mission Control.

If you’re struggling for suitable background images, click the Example Images button and tick the categories that interest you – click Yes, and LionDesigner will download the images as you wait into your personal LionDesigner Application folder, allowing you to then import them into the app and use them.

LionDesigner is donationware – if you find it useful, use the Donate button in the app itself to send a token of your appreciation to the coder and encourage him to continue development.

Version 3 features a brand new redesigned interface, introduces the Example Manager, extends support to Retina displays and resolves compatibility issues with OS X 10.7.4 and later. 


If you’re looking to customise aspects of your Mac’s desktop, LionDesigner is the tool for the job.