Keep your hard drive defragmented is an important way to keep your PC running at peak performance. You could use Windows own defrag tool, but it's slow, short on features and doesn't deliver great results. For real speed improvements, then, you need to look at a more powerful competitor like Laplink Defrag Pro.

The program provides no less than five different methods of defragmenting your drive. "Stealth" and "Space" focus on completing the defrag as quickly as possible, but if you've time then you can also run complete defrags that rearrange your files to deliver better speeds. "Complete/ Modified", say, will place the most recently modified files in the fastest part of your hard drive: if these are the files you access most often then you could see a significant performance improvement.

A new Background Monitoring feature will then take over, watching your file system for new and modified files. These will then be defragmented right away, if necessary, so keeping your PC running at its best.

Explorer integration helps you target future defrags at the areas where they're most required. If an application is slow to load and you think a large file may be fragmented, for example, just right-click it (or its parent folder), select Defragment, and Laplink Defrag Pro will go to work, defragmenting just the files you've specified.

Or, if you'd rather save defrags for when you're not around, just set up Laplink Defrag Pro to run in its screen saver mode. It'll then stay out of the way when you're working, only popping up to defragment your hard drive when the PC is idle.


An intelligently-designed defrag tool that comes packed with performance-boosting features