JoyoBox Cleaner is a PC maintenance suite which can clean the Registry, find and delete junk files, remove Registry history lists, and take control of Windows startup programs.

The program organises its functions into various tabs. You're able to use them individually - just look at startup programs and disable any you don't need, for instance - or use a "1 click" mode to check everything.

The individual modules work much as they do in similar programs. Select the "Registry Cleaner", click "Start Scan" and redundant items are listed. You're able to select some or all of these and delete them.

Similarly, scanning junk files gets you a list of anything discovered, along with file sizes, and allows some or all of them to be wiped.

The program makes backups of most of the changes it makes. If something goes wrong, you can undo them from the Rescue Centre.

There are plenty of configuration options. Registry cleaning is generally pointless and can be risky, for instance, but the module can be tweaked to make it more acceptable. You could tell the program to scan only the Uninstall and Startup sections of the Registry, which often have remnants left behind by useless uninstallers, are most unlikely to raise false alarms, and won't cripple your system even if the detection goes wrong.

Please note, until you've paid $11.95 to activate your download, it will display a lengthy nag screen at every launch.



JoyoBox Cleaner has a lot of features, but they're not outstanding. The Disk Cleaner found a tiny fraction of the leftovers located by CCleaner; there doesn't seem to be much or any checking of browser data; the Registry Cleaner may have some questionable detections, and so on.

There are also pluses, like a portable option and the ability to try the program for free. Overall, try JoyoBox Cleaner if you're interested in this kind of maintenance application, but don't expect too much.