IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free 2017 is a simple partition manager for Windows.

The interface looks a little sparse, at least initially. There's a familiar drive map of your current disks and their partitions, but the small toolbar has only a few buttons, and most of those are program management functions (Check for update, Activate, Buy now).

Right-click a drive and the program's main features appear.

There are basic drive management options to delete or format a partition, run defrag, scan a drive for problems (chkdsk, essentially), change drive letters or volume labels, open the partition in a basic Explorer-type file browser, or view its properties.

More advanced tools enable resizing, copying, hiding or wiping partitions. These are still more about ease of use than low-level power, but they're well implemented. You don't have to manually enter a new partition size in the Resizer dialog, for instance-- just drag a selector with your mouse and the size updates automatically.

If you still run into difficulty, a "How to do..." toolbar button lists 20 common tasks. Choosing one of these describes the steps in short text form (1. right click this, 2. click that), includes useful tips where appropriate and has a link to a web tutorial with more detail.

Please note, the free version is for personal use only and some of the commercial functions won't be available. The toolbar has a "bootable media" button, for instance, but clicking it warns you that "you need to purchase paid edition" to use it.

New! Windows 64 bit independent exe v3.1
New! Windows 10 full supported
New! Copy disk&partition for backup
New! Erase private data permanently
New! Convert MBR to GPT
Support to up to 16TB disk


IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free 2017 doesn't have the power of some other partition managers, but its simplicity and ease of use makes the program a smart choice for beginners.