Garland Christmas Tree is a full-featured desktop animation of a Christmas tree. You don't just get the regulation tree, with a star on top and presents underneath: there are also strings of lights which flash in various sequences, while glittering Disney-type stars fall gently nearby.

We didn't find this quite as distracting as you might think. Sure, if you're working to a deadline then it's probably something you'd put to one side. But otherwise you'll probably be able to carry on with regular day-to-day activities, while the tree flashes quietly in the corner of your screen.

If you find the effects annoying, then right-clicking the tree reveals some useful tweaks. You can turn off the animated stars, or the lights; increasing the tree's transparency may also help, and if you clear the "always on top" setting then it won't be visible over other programs.

There's also a bizarre animation, fortunately disabled by default, which has colourful balls bouncing in front of the tree. It's just weird; ignore it.

But the rest of the program is great, and the perfect way to add some festive fun to PC.


No adware, no installation required, Garland Christmas Tree is just an attractive, configurable and highly festive decoration for your desktop.