Game Work is a desktop timer which raises an alert at a specific time ("12:30pm") or after a fixed interval (45 minutes).

The program launched with a German language interface on our system. If that's an issue for you, click Ansicht > Sprache... and select English or French.

The first step in using the program is to select Timer Mode (a countdown timer) or Counter Mode (an alarm clock which goes off at a particular time).

You're then able to set the period of time to wait, or the time at which the alert will be raised.

Game Wake offers multiple alert sounds (an alarm clock, horn, beep, more). It can show a custom text alert, or you can tell the program to shut down your PC.

Click "Alert", get on with your other tasks, and Game Work raises your requested alert at the appropriate time.


Game Wake works as advertised, but it's basic, with a clunky interface and no real advanced functionality. It's fine for occasional on-demand one-off alerts, but look elsewhere if you want anything more.