Full Uninstall is a straightforward tool that makes it easy to completely remove applications from your PC, avoiding the junk files and Registry keys that are often left behind by standard uninstallers.

The program works by monitoring applications as they're installed, recording the files and Registry entries they create. If you decide you'd like to remove these applications later, then do so from Full Uninstall and it'll use this information to ensure that every trace of the unwanted software will be erased from your system.

The authors claim that Full Uninstall runs far more quickly than most of the competition, because it analyzes the changes made by an installer in real time. Which means there's no hanging around after installation, as you wait for the program to figure out what's happened and create its logs.

What you won't get, though, is any help in fully removing apps whose installation wasn't tracked by Full Uninstall. In these cases the program simply launches their standard uninstaller, just as with Windows' own Uninstall module.


While it's a competent program, Full Uninstall is also a little short on features. Other tools, like Revo Uninstaller Pro, do a more thorough job of locating leftovers and helping you to remove applications where they haven't monitored the installation