FreeDriveC is a portable application which enables freeing up space on your system drive.

This isn't yet another program which empties your TEMP folders or wipes your browser history. Instead it's more like a simple Control Panel applet which provides easy access to useful Windows tools.

The program displays your hibernation status, for instance, and allows it to be turned on or off with a click.

The "Virtual memory" section displays the current amount of space your pagefile is using. If it's too much, tapping "Advanced Performance Options" opens the Windows dialog where you could change those settings, perhaps limiting its size or switching it to another drive.

The "System protection" section lets you know whether System Restore is enabled, and gives you one-click access to System Restore settings.

The "Disk clean-up" section enables running the standard Disk Cleanup tool with preconfigured settings, or running the wizard to choose your options now.

Buttons at the bottom of the screen launch various applets, most usefully the "Programs and Features" applet to uninstall programs or remove surplus Windows features.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen displays your current system drive space as a figure and a percentage, and updates as you make changes to show the results.


A simple and relatively safe way to free up system drive space.