EnableDisable for Office provides a quick and easy way to enable or disable Microsoft Office add-ins, so perhaps improving performance and stability. It supports every version of Office from 2000 to 2013, both 32 and 64-bit.

The program has a very straightforward interface. On launch you'll see tabs for the various components. Clicking "Outlook", say, displays every installed add-in, whether it's enabled or not, its load behaviour (startup or demand), name and description. And you can disable any particular add-in by simply checking the box to its left.

You can do precisely the same thing from Office, of course, although it takes a few more clicks (File > Options > Add-ins > Go). There's a little more jargon involved ("COM" Add-Ins), and you don't get quite as much information provided up-front (there's no add-in description displayed, and you can't see the load behaviour of an add-in unless you select it).

Of course you don't have to install and run a separate program to use the standard Office dialogs, and they do also include extra options, like the ability to remove, rather than just disable, an add-in.

But despite this, EnableDisable for Office's extreme simplicity may appeal to less technical users.


Office provides its own dialog to disable add-ins, but if you need something simpler than EnableDisable for Office might appeal