Driver Talent - formerly known as DriveTheLife - is a simple tool which checks your PC's device drivers, alerts you to any updates and installs them on demand.

Launch the program, click Scan and it checks your system for outdated drivers.

Any available updates are displayed in a list, and you can choose to allow the program to update them, or just download the files for you to apply later.

In an unusually honest touch (for this type of program), Driver Talent states that "it is not recommended to update if your PC is working normally".

There are also tools to back up and restore one or more drivers, or to uninstall some devices entirely.

All the features we describe here at completely free for the moment.

But it looks like that 2016 will see both a Free and Pro version, where the Free build has various restrictions (can't update automatically, can't fully uninstall drivers etc).


Some people say there's little value in updating drivers, that you can cause more problems than you solve. They might have a point, but if you'd like to try this kind of tool anyway, Driver Talent is an above-average example of the type.