DriveLettersTool is a tiny portable program which changes the way Explorer displays drive letters.

Launching the program displays four possible options, along with a preview image and a button to make the change.

Option #1 is the Explorer default, where drive letters are always displayed last: Local Disk (C:)

Option #2 shows drive letters before the drive name: (C:) Local Disk.

Option #3 shows only network drive letters before the drive name: (Z:) share (\\server)

Option #4 drops the drive letters entirely, like "Local Disk" and "share\\server".

Clicking the "Apply" button for an option changes Explorer's settings accordingly. The program prompts you to log off and back on (or reboot) to see the change, but restarting Explorer has the same effect.


It's not a program we ever realised we needed, but showing drive letters before the drive name can make more sense in some situations, and DriveLettersTool is an easy way to make it happen.