Are you fed up with the default look and feel of OS X's Dock? Fancy giving it a fresh new look, or tweaking various preferences so it suits the way you work rather than the other way around? While it's possible to do this by hand, it involves editing key system files and folders, which is why anyone serious about customising their Dock should take a good look at Docker.

This donationware tool aims to bring together all the tweaking options you need – including those found in OS X itself – into a single tool, and on the whole it succeeds admirably. Fire up the app and you get a choice of six sections to choose from.

Styles & Colors is where the most radical changes are made – there are basic options for switching between a 2D and 3D dock, plus making icons translucent or not, but it's here you change the dock's background style, plus alter the graphics for indicators and separators too. There are no hints and tips for designing your own as found in CrystalClear Interface's dock-customisation section, but all you need to do is download a replacement dock theme from a site like, click Select Folder and let Docker do the hard job of selecting the appropriate file from the folder.

On its own this would make Docker worthy of your attention, but it goes further. The Settings tab brings together most of the options found in OS X under one roof, while Stacks and Spacers do what they say on the tin.  Finally, Kiosk Settings let you show and hide the dock and menubar, plus make the menubar visible in certain applications only, while Settings Locks allow you to prevent others making changes using the tools in Finder.

It all adds up to a useful tool for anyone who wants to make radical changes to their Dock, making Docker an indispensable part of your OS X customisation toolkit. 


An effective tool for making both major and minor changes to your dock with the minimum of fuss.