Windows Explorer makes it straightforward to view the files in a folder, but you can't easily do anything with that information, in particular save it to a report for later reference or sharing with others.

DirList is a free portable tool which fills this gap, scanning your chosen folder tree and producing customisable HTML/ CSV reports on their contents.

The program opens with an "Explorer" tab where you select the subject of your report. You're able to choose one or more folders by clicking checkboxes, as well as defining the files you'd like to list (*.mov;*.mp4), and defining various other settings.

Click "Start" when you're happy and DirList switches to its List view, displaying whatever files you've just selected. If the list isn't correct, you can switch back to the Explorer tab to tweak your settings. Otherwise, you're able to define the precise details of the report, including the title, the file properties to include (path, name, extension, size, dates, attributes), format (HTML or CSV) and text colours (if appropriate).

Once that's complete, clicking Preview shows you how the report will look, and you can either refine your settings, print or save the finished results.

Whart's new?
    - Visual fixes


An easy-to-use, configurable and hassle-free file reporting tool.