When it comes to working with files, most users of Windows stick with the built in Explorer. While it is perfectly adequate for day to day file operations, it is sometimes found lacking, and this is where CubicExplorer can help. As is increasingly becoming the norm, the program features a tabbed interface which makes it easy to work with multiple folders simultaneously without the need to have several windows open at the same time. Switching between display modes is easy thanks to the presence of toolbar buttons to select detail, tile, icon, filmstrip and various other views - the existence of a simple icon to empty the Recycle Bin demonstrates that thought has been put into the program.

As well as the tabbed interface which mimics that of many web browsers, frequently used folders can be bookmarked for easy access, and browsing sessions can be saved so that several folders can be quickly accessed at a later time. An integrate search utility reduces the need to leave the program when tracking down files, and there is a file preview options that can be used to view certain file type without the need to open them.

In addition to these, and many more, useful tools, CubicExplorer is also highly customisable, both in terms of window layout and appearance. The application is a genuine joy to use and after working with it for just a short time, it is likely to become a permanent replacement for Windows Explorer.


An impressive Explorer replacement which adds useful new features without becoming over-complicated