When it comes to customising your Mac’s desktop, there’s not a lot you can do in OS X itself. You can change the background wallpaper and change the basic colour scheme, but that’s about it. Apple would rather you deferred to its design sensibilities, but if you’re the rebellious type you’ll find plenty of ways in which you can make changes here and there, whether it’s changing the default system font using Tinkertool or applying your own customised backgrounds to various parts of OS X using Lion Designer.

That goes some way to altering your desktop’s appearance, but if you want to take the next step you’ll need to install CrystalClear Interface. CCI radically transforms your desktop by providing custom skins for windows and the menu bar. You can make windows transparent, change colour schemes and even frame shapes for applications and windows, plus tweak button designs, apply a set of customised icons and much more besides.

At its simplest you can pick from one of ten customised themes offering some spectacular results – particularly if you like black, but the beauty of CCI is that you can then go further and tweak these to your personal satisfaction. The end results are stunning, but it won’t work in all apps. Some are automatically disabled due to known compatibility issues, while others can be added to CCI’s exception list via its System Preferences pane.

The app is always accessible from its own custom button to the left of the Help menu on the revamped menu bar and is easy to install and uninstall, giving you a measure of security that – should you decide Apple’s way is best after all – you can quickly and easily undo your changes. 


Delivers stunning results in just a few clicks, but gives you all the fine-tuning tools you need too – now you can transform your desktop in ways Apple never envisaged.