ColorVeil is a tiny portable tool which places a colour filter over your screen to reduce brightness and, maybe, eye strain.

Right-click the program's system tray icon and a settings dialog appears when you can choose your preferred shade and opacity, or allow ColorVeil to select something randomly.

Once it's running, the filter will affect the desktop, videos and most regular applications (though maybe not games).

If ColorVeil gets in the way at some point - you're editing images, perhaps, and need to see colours as they really are - then left-clicking its system tray icon toggles the effect off, and on again.

There's also a "Stealth" option to hide the program from the taskbar. Run it on someone else's PC and you can leave them wondering why their screen is so much greener than it was yesterday.


New Added a customizable keyword shortcut to turn the color veil on and off
New Added an option to automatically start ColorVeil on system startup
New Added the ability to select the veil color by entering a HTML color code or name
New Added a basic Check for Updates feature
Improved and simplified Settings window, with tabs
New Added 32-bit and 64-bit MSI (Windows Installer) installation packages


A simple and straightforward way to customise your display.