Clavier+ is a simple macro program which enables launching programs, opening websites or inserting text with your chosen hotkey.

Bundled examples give you an idea how this works. Pressing Win+P opens the Program Files folder, Win+N launches Notepad, Win+Shift+E inserts the Euro symbol € into the current document.

Creating your own shortcuts is also very easy. Click the Add button and you can choose from lists of Start Menu programs, file system folders, internet favourites or special symbols to type. Define the hotkey you'd like to use and it's ready to go immediately.

It's also possible to take more low-level control, perhaps browsing to a specific executable or entering lengthier text to type: a name, address, anything you regularly use.

A web FAQ reveals some less obvious tricks, including ways to launch multiple applications from one shortcut, or simulate mouse clicks.

By default your shortcuts should work in any application, but it's also possible to enable them in specific programs, or "all programs but" some exceptions.


Clavier+ is a very simple application, more about basic keyboard shortcuts than complicated macro scripting. But it's also easy to use, works exactly as described and is surprisingly lightweight-- a single 100KB executable. Give it a try.