Christmas Garland Lights is a festive desktop gadget which does exactly what its name suggests, adding a string of Christmas tree lights to the top of your desktop.

The initial effect isn't exactly subtle, as the lights flash on and off in sequence. We could just about manage to work while it was running, but if it's too much for you then the lights can be tweaked in many ways (size, speed of animation, transparency, "always on top", and more).

If you're feeling particularly Scrooge-like then you might wonder whether Christmas Garland Lights has any practical benefit at all. And we would have to admit that we can't think of a single one.

Still, it's fun, festive, and nicely implemented. The core process took a mere 2.8MB on our test PC, and no measurable CPU time at all. And unusually for this type of app, there's no bundled adware and no installation required, so you can run it for a few minutes without worrying about the consequences.


It's totally pointless. A dumb idea. But Christmas Garland Lights also looks good, is lightweight, configurable, and a great way to dress your desktop for the holidays.