Install Windows for the first time and you might find that you get default drivers Microsoft thinks you need for your hardware. However, these are not always the most optimised and are rarely the latest version available.

You could just go to the website for every component within your PC and download manually. It's not too tricky. Just find the details for your graphics card, head to the manufacturer's website and find the relevant download. Problem is, finding all the details for every component. There must be an easier way.

AVG Driver Updater is a tool which will scan your PC, check for installed components and then go off and check against a database to see if new drivers are available. It's not quite as effective as checking manually (as someone has to keep the database updated for AVG), but it saves a tonne of time.

Keeping your drivers updated does have benefits. You might find your sound card is updated to support the latest audio standards or the manufacturer has found a bug to improve performance. Your wifi might become more stable with the latest driver and so many other good reasons for updating your drivers.

AVG Driver Updater will enable you to backup your existing drivers before updating, just in case you run into update issues. You can also schedule a regular update check.


A simple tool, but it doesn't look anything like a 2019 AVG user-interface meaning it looks a little out of place side-by-side with your other AVG software.