AUTOSET is an interesting app which enables altering your Android device settings when you run an app, on a particular schedule, and more.

These are the settings you're able to tweak.

- WiFi connection
- Bluetooth connection
- Screen Brightness
- Direction of rotation (force rotation supported regardless of app support)
- Automatic screen off time
- Media volume
- Sound mode
- GPS and mobile data (security setup permission is required using ADB tool)
- Hotspot

Choose a navigation app in AUTOSET's list, for instance, and you could increase the screen brightness and media volume.

If you don't want to keep wifi on all the time "just in case", AUTOSET could be very useful. Just configure the system to turn on wifi when you run YouTube and similar apps, turn it off afterwards.

If you prefer an app to run in landscape, AUTOSET can make it happen automatically whenever it's launched.

You can schedule settings changes, too, perhaps setting your device to silent mode during work hours.

What's New
-- Italian language support


A neat app which does a great job of ensuring your device works exactly as you'd like.