One quick and easy way to claim back disk space and help to improve the performance of Windows is to remove any programs you no longer need. While a quick visit to the Control Panel to uninstall software sounds easy enough, not all uninstallers are born equal and many leave behind traces of the software they were designed to remove. Rogue file left here and there coupled with superfluous entries in the registry can gradually lead to your computer slowing down, and this is where Ashampoo Uninstaller can help.

The program can be used to monitor your computer when new software is installed, and it will keep a record of all of the changes that are made to your system. This means that should you decide to uninstall a piece of software, the installation process can simply be reversed and all traces of the program in question can be eliminated. A snapshot facility is available so you can keep an eye on precisely what changes individual programs make to your computer.

But Ashampoo Uninstaller has much more to offer; this is actually a suite of tools which includes a number of other handy utilities. The Undeleter can be used to restore files that have been deleted, while the Wiper is on hand to securely delete any files you are certain you want to remove. The Internet Cleaner can be used to not only free up space but all protect your privacy by deleting files that record details of yur online activities. Having freed up some disk pace, you can then make use of the built in defragmenter to optimise your hard drive.

Add to this a tool for managing your installed fonts, a replacement tool for taking control of System Restore Points and you have a complete PC maintenance suite that will keep Windows running smoothly.

Ashampoo Uninstaller 5 ships wth these improvements:

- Dynamic: No performance impairments due to innovative real-time monitoring
- Intelligent: Only records modifications caused by installers
- Background Guard: Recognizes common setup routines and automatically triggers UnInstaller
- Uninstallation: Automated uninstall routines for optimum performance in different scenarios
- Nested Setups Detection: Auto-recognition of embedded setup routines
- Registry Filter: Disregards common Windows registry changes
- Info Bar: Dynamically provides details on any modifications made by setups
- Logfiles: Separate logfiles allow for discrete uninstallation of nested setups
- Integration: Seamless Windows integration through Windows' system context menu
- Tools: More than 12 additional tools to optimize and maintain your Windows machine


Much more than just an uninstallation utility, Ashampoo Uninstaller includes numerous tools to ensure the performance of your computer.