Accelerify is a very small (7.26KB download) tool which increments your PC clock at regular intervals - by default, moving it on an hour every 10 seconds - so making time seem to pass more quickly.

This can be very useful if you want to test what happens on a system over time. Will your backup start when it should, for instance? Is your antivirus launcher working correctly? Will your alarm pop up? When will that trial software expire, and what happens when it does?

If you only want to test for one item then it's much simpler to just manually reset your clock, of course. But when your testing becomes more involved - you've got a program which claims to adjust screen brightness depending on the time of day, for instance - that quickly becomes annoying, and you'll benefit from a more automated approach.

To give this a try, first launch Accelerify (as an Administrator, or it won't work), and time will step forward by an hour every ten seconds. Switch back to your desktop to watch what's happening, or test other programs. And when you're happy, switch back to Accelerify, press a key, and the program will close and restore your clock to an accurate time.

If the default interval and increment don't suit your needs, then that can be adjusted via command line switches. And so you could choose to step forward 30 minutes every 2 seconds, 3 hours every 15 seconds, or whatever you like (accelerify_Readme.txt has the details).

Be careful, though. If you increment the clock too rapidly then some scheduled applications may miss their cue, and not pop up when you expect.

Please note, the download link opens at a lengthy licence agreement, but it is actually for Accelerify. Scan it as usual, check "I Agree" at the bottom (if you see no problems) and click Download to grab your copy.


Accelerify isn't exactly a tool you'll use every day, but if you're testing anything based on time then it could be very helpful