Let's face it, most people's computer is a mess and will take ages to sort through and move the relevant files into their respective areas. For example, you may have videos in different folders, when ideally they'd be wiser in your Videos folder in root.

Abelssoft File Organizer 2019 is a tool which enables you to define rules which means you can automatically move files into different areas on your drive. A photo, for example, automatically moves into your Photos folder and so on.

Of course, the rules are yours to be defined. For example, you could setup a rule where certain files end up in a cloud storage area on your drive, so they are uploaded automatically. You don't need to force the files to be shifted to a different folder either, you can make a copy of them, so they are stored in more than one location.

As this is German technology, just about every possible angle is covered, too. You can filter based on the filetype (and push each one to different folders), if a filename contains a specific reference and even the age of the file can result in a new rule where it's pushed into a separate folder and so on.


Simple tool to automatically push files into various areas across your computer.