1Click Uninstaller is a freeware alternative to the regular Windows "uninstall a program" applet.

The program has an unusually simple interface. There are no buttons, no toolbars, not even a window: all you get is a context-type menu, floating over your other windows.

The first menu item, All Programs, lists every installed application (less any Microsoft offerings, by default). Select whatever you need and its installer is launched.

If you don't want to spend an age scrolling through the list, selecting "Recently Installed" shows you the last ten installed applications.

Uninstallers may not work if their application is still running. The best solution is to close the program down via its interface, but if that's not possible or convenient then 1Click Uninstaller can terminate any (non-system) running process for you.

A small number of options enable customising the programs you can uninstall.


1Click Uninstaller is extremely basic. The program has no "clean uninstall" technology of its own, it's just a front end for the official uninstallers. And because the interface is just a menu, without a top-level application window, it disappears and closes down whenever you click somewhere else.

Despite that, it's a likeable product, easy to use and perfectly adequate for those times when you just want to delete that non-functioning garbage you installed the day before.