Windows Essentials is the next generation of Microsoft's free suite, which now makes it easier than ever to work with your favourite services.

Windows Messenger now has a Facebook-style interface, for example, and links directly with Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.

Windows Movie Maker helps you put together a professional video, then uploads it to YouTube in a couple of clicks.

Windows Photo Gallery can now share your photos instantly on Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug and more.

Windows Mail works happily with your Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and other email accounts.

And Windows Writer can update your blog whether it's on Blogger,, TypePad or many other services.

That's not all, though. Windows Family Safety is now better than ever at keeping your kids away from the worst of the web. Windows OneDrive syncs files and folders across all your PCs, ensuring they're all up-to-date. And if you're running Windows 7 then you'll find every tool is particularly easy to use - just pin the apps you need to the taskbar, and their jump lists will give you speedy access to common tasks.

Note that Windows Essentials is for XP, Vista and 7 users only.


Windows Essentials includes some excellent tools and is better than ever at helping you work with other sites and services. Grab a copy immediately