ToastNotification is a tiny console tool for Windows 8 which allows you to display "toast" notifications (pop-up alerts which briefly show a message, then disappear automatically) from your own scripts.

The program is a tiny download, which contains a single executable (L2ToastNotification.exe), an image which you can replace to customise the look of your notification, and a text file (Toast.txt) with instructions.

Using ToastNotification is as easy as passing it three arguments, each enclosed in quotes: a title, line 1 and line 2.

L2ToastNotification "Pay attention!" "Free space running short on" "Drive D: !!!"

You must supply three arguments, or ToastNotification crashes (passing it an empty string, "", works fine).

Each argument can only display a maximum of about 27 characters, so choose carefully.

ToastNotification also displays the 90x90 image ToastNotification.png in your alert. The default image contains the developer's logo, but you can either delete this to leave a blank space, or replace it with a logo or some other image of your own.

Whatever you choose, the alert displays for around 7 seconds before disappearing. You cannot change this timeout, the alert's appearance (background colour etc) or define a "click" action for the alert.


An easy way to give your scripts a professional touch.