Zillya! Scanner is a free antivirus remover from Ukrainian security company Zillya.

The program doesn't require installation. Just download and run it, choose your scan type, and wait as your system is checked for malware.

Scanning is relatively slow (even the "Quick Scan" took 35 minutes on our test system). Still, you'll probably only run Zillya! Scanner if you think your PC is infected by malware, and in that case we could live with any cleanup delays.

The program does at least keep you up-to-date by displaying threats as they're found, and when the scan is complete you can delete some of all of them in a very few clicks.


Zillya! products aren't included in benchmarks by the main antivirus testing labs, making it hard to assess their effectiveness or compare them with the competition.

What we can say from our own very brief test is the program found the sample malware, but it was slow, and raised a huge number of false alarms.

On the plus side, the company does appear to know what it's doing: Zillya!'s been around for a few years and developed a good range of products, including a popular Android antivirus currently scoring 4.5 in Google Play.

Overall we'd say Zillya! Scanner wouldn't be our first choice for anything at all, but don't rule it out entirely, and maybe keep a copy around for emergencies.