First developed back in 2005 to hunt down rootkits, UnHackMe can now find, remove and clean up after browser hijackers, spyware, trojans, keyloggers and more.

UnHackMe works like a souped-up antivirus program. Run a quick scan (1 minute) or a full scan (5 minutes), and UnHackMe organises the results across multiple tabs.

"Processes" lists suspect running processes, if there are any. You can terminate anything dubious with a click.

The "Remove..." tab lists and allows removing potentially unwanted programs: adware, toolbars, pests you might not even know are installed.

"Unwanted files" highlights unwanted or malicious files. This gave several false alarms on our test PC, including warning of a URL filtering folder created by Panda Antivirus.

"Startup Programs" lists suspect Windows startup programs, scheduled tasks, user shortcuts and more.

"Services" displays any worrying Windows services, drivers and other deeply embedded Windows components.

"Browser Plugins/ Addins" details potentially unwanted extensions for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

"Browser Search Settings" looks out for modified search settings in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. As with every other section, the most likely threats are checked already. You can remove some or all of these, choose something else, or close UnHackMe without doing anything at all.


UnHackMe tries to detect a very wide range of problems, and it can spot some malware, but in our tests most of the items it highlighted were entirely safe. Experienced users should check it out anyway, but don't take the program's verdict for granted, and be sure to inspect every item carefully before you hit "Fix".