Trojan Remover is a simple antivirus tool which aims to detect and remove the trickier specimens of malware which regular antivirus tools might miss. Despite its name, the program doesn't just look for Trojans: it can eliminate worms, adware, spyware and more.

What you don't get here is much real-time protection; Trojan Remover does check the files loaded at boot time, but in the main it's about finding and cleaning up malware which has already penetrated your defences, not preventing it installing in the first place. So the program is no substitute for a more complete antivirus tool.

By way of compensation, though, the lack of real-time monitors means that Trojan Remover is light on your system resources, and unlikely to conflict with other security tools. And it's also fast, focusing more on scanning running processes than your entire system, so you can get a PC health check in just a few seconds. (Although you can tell the program to scan particular files or folders as well, if you prefer.)

You do get a few handy small utilities to assist in repairing the damage caused by a malware infection, too. There are options to restore the standard HOSTS file, for instance. And Trojan Remover can also reset your Windows Update policies, repair your LSPs, reset Internet Explorer's Home and Search settings, and more.

Is the program worth the money? We're not sure. It appears to have only average accuracy from our first tests, and we're not convinced that it does a significantly better job of removing malware than regular antivirus tools. You do get a free 30-day trial, though, so perhaps the best idea is to save that for when you need it. If you think your PC has been infected by something nasty and your current antivirus package can't help, give Trojan Remover a try and see if it can do any better.


A simple on-demand only antimalware tool. We're not sure if it's good enough to justify the price, but if your PC currently has an infection which you can't remove then give the program a try, see if it lives up to its promises.