There are now a large number of web sites that require users to login to make use of their services and this can mean having to remember a huge number of usernames and passwords. Sticky Password for Android can help to make your life easier by filling in online login forms for you. Your usernames and password are stored in a protected database, and rather than having to manually enter details by hand, the app can take care of form filling on your behalf.

The passwords you store in the program are protected in a number of ways. The first level of protection is provided by the master password that must be configured during the setup process. This means you only need to remember the single master password to gain quick access to your security stored passwords, personal data and login information.

Best of all, you can synchronize your data with your desktop, so you have your login data and passwords across your PC and Android device.

It's worth noting that Sticky Password for Android cannot be used with the default web browser. You can only use this app with the builtin browser or through the floating sticky window.


A great time saver that can also help to improve your security.